Monday, May 26, 2014

Guest Blog: A Grand Welcome into a Humble World.

Patrick Kennedy is a student at Neil McNeill Secondary School currently doing a co-op placement with me. He recently traveled to Ottawa with us to attend the annual D&P members meeting for the Ontario region (called the OPM). This blog is a reflection on his experience. Thanks Patrick!

Looking back at my experience at D&P’s annual Ontario Provincial Meeting, I can reflect upon the wonderful welcome I received from the people of Development and Peace. Being a High School co-op student who had been working at the organization for just over a month, I was nervous about entering into an environment full of members who had been with the organization for years. The trip to Ottawa was especially nerve-wracking because I was travelling with people I had only emailed with, so before I went on the trip I was hoping that the six hour drive would pass quickly and that I could reunite with the few familiar faces that I knew from D&P. Notwithstanding my anxiety, the unfamiliar passengers of the Dodge Avenger were very friendly and open-hearted. This was the first of many genial welcomes I received on the weekend of May 9th-11th.

OPM 2014 Group Shot: Find Patrick!
Once in Ottawa I was approached by many other unfamiliar faces and welcomed as a new affiliate of Development and Peace. I appreciated this welcome because I admire the humble work of the organization and was eager to learn more about its structure. The weekend did not disappoint; I learnt all about how ideas, suggestions, recommendations, and resolutions are passed. As a young person interested in political systems, especially in the integration of direct democracy into the Canadian political system, it was quite a learning experience to see how direct democracy was incorporated into aspects of the OPM. I now have an appreciation for the significance of the member-based organization of D&P.

I learnt a lot being part of the 2014 Ontario Provincial Meeting in Ottawa and now feel that I have a more significant role in the organization. I hope to participate in the OPMs of the future.

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Welcome to Development and Peace! Good to see some new faces