Friday, May 20, 2011

At the passport office...

I am heading to Paraguay on a Solidarity Trip to visit D&P partners this July. Today, kids in tow, I headed to the gov't building at 74 Victoria St. to renew my now expired passport. And what did I find on the floor beneath the seat in the waiting area? Another day, another bottle...
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bottle in the Sink - Really?!?!?

Take a good look at this picture....

We all know chucking plastic water bottles ain't good for the planet...but this just adds insult to injury.

A plastic water bottle thrown out in the sink right underneath the tap - Really?!?!?

I took this picture while on the road  with Sr. Clare from Timor Leste.  We were enroute to Gravenhurst for a speaking engagement and had stopped off at a roadside rest stop.  In my travels I have noticed a dearth of drinking fountains at these stops.  I remember feeling sad and sorry for the lonely rusted and out of use fountain at one stop where instead people were treated to a huge buffet of bottled water choices.

This discovery of the bottle in the sink has inspired me.  I've begun a project whereby I will see how many days within a year I encounter plastic water bottle liter in the environment at least once. I will take a picture of the bottle, recycle it, and then post the picture here.  We all know it's a fact that plastic bottles are littered everywhere around us. I want to use this experiment, which I will call the "Bottle a Day" project, to simply put a magnifying glass up to it and make that fact real for everyone.