Monday, January 23, 2012

2753 Drops in the River

How long does it take to count 2753 drops that make up a river? Four hours and Thirteen minutes (minus 25 minutes for lunch).
Water Drop 2753.
For some time now I've wanted to know exactly how many drops are found in the river that is at the focus of our local D&P River of Justice Project. Today I found out.

I've always been a fan of creative prayer and meditation and spending the time today to enumerate each drop of the river was certainly that.

Each drop contains the reflection of a person who has taken the time to record a thought, prayer, picture, pledge, or story regarding the importance of water in the life of our human family.

2011 Bottled Water Free Day rally at the Catholic Education Center, Toronto
Drop by drop we are creating a culture that sees water as the God-Given gift that it is and thus protects it for the common good. This culture is one which celebrates and protects our tap water while avoiding bottled water (which is sold for private profit). I felt such a sense of gratitude for each person who is a part of this river, people ranging from age 4 to 84.
I have publicly committed to growing the River of Justice until all the Catholic school boards in the Central Ontario region are have a bottled water free culture that is enshrined in board policy. So far ALCDSB has acheived this goal and TCDSB is well on its way!

Bottled Water Free Day is March 15th 2012. Consider having your school join the River of Justice project if you haven't already.  Check out the new project page on the Mustard Seed Muse