Monday, September 24, 2018

Stuff It: a Meditation

There is a lot of folder stuffing done in the course of animation work. Pulling materials into nice neat packages before workshops and presentations is a tedious part of the job, but I love it.

First you get your system set up - lay all your materials out in the fastest grab and stuff arrangement possible. 

Then you begin. Once I find my rhythm I let it become meditative. It's like an animator's Mandela. I imagine each person who will take the folder in their hands. Will they read its contents? Dump them in the nearest recycle bin? Who are they and what frame of mind are they in as they receive the message my package will have to offer? Then I pray. I ask God to open the minds and hearts of the person into whose hands the folder will be delivered. I pray that it's a good day for them or at least a good hour, when they open up what's inside. 

There are funny places one ends up stuffing sometimes. Like today. I was in the food court off the Sheppard subway station. The packages are destined for the tcdsb religion heads meeting tomorrow and I am stuffing them to deliver our "share the journey" campaign message in the hopes that their schools will join us this year. 

It's a good use for a food court table. Although usually one would bless food here, not folders.