The River of Justice Project

What is the River of Justice Project?

Since the fall of 2010 I have been collecting little blue water drops from across Central Ontario.  Individuals from ages 4 to 84 have written reflections on each of these drops concerning the importance of water in their lives.  These drops are gathering into a mighty river of life that affirms drinking water as a God-given gift given for common good of the whole of the human family.  This is the only way to change a world where 884 million people lack access to the clean water they need. Our flowing river stands in contrast to the standstill water found in single use plastic water bottles sold for private profit.

The aim of this project is to create a bottled water-free culture in the Catholic School boards of the Central Ontario Region.  I have made a public commitment to continue to grow this river, drop by drop, until each of these school boards has a culture that finds its institutional end in a bottled water-free policy.

To add your drops to the River:

1. Download the WATER DROPS 

2. Invite students to write a short reflection on the question, "Why is Water important in my life?" on the individual water drops and collect the completed ones in an envelope.

3. Mail the collected drops to:
Luke Stocking
10 St. Mary Street, Suite 420
Toronto, ON, M4Y 1P9

Be sure to include what efforts your school is making to create a bottled water free culture in a short letter sent with the completed water drops. We will list your efforts on this page!

4. We will post the photos of all received drops in our RIVER OF JUSTICE PHOTO ALBUM


Number of Drops in the River of Justice: 4056 (March 31st 2016)
Weight of the River: 8.5kg (January 23rd 2012)

FEB 16th: TCDSB Grade 6 Students help grow the river....

On February 15th and 16th the river grew by  437 drops as we joined forces with the Angel Foundation and Megan's Walk to inspire Grade 6 students in the TCDSB for the "Circling our Angels with Hope" leadership conference. Thanks young leaders! There are two more of these awesome conferences still to go so we're not finished yet!!

March 31st 2016: St. Joe's Students give the river some love and add their names

Our names are Kayla and Nikita, we are grade 9 students from St. Joe"s College School. Today on our day of service, we volunteered at Development and Peace and we learned about the River of Justice. We added drops to the River of Justice, and we continued counting the number of drops in the River of Justice. We started from 3777 drops and counted 279 more drops which added to the number and in total we got 4056.

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