Sunday, July 10, 2011

Paraguay#6: The morning paper.

"Is he really stopping here to read the paper?" I think to myself. Fernando has just pulled over and is flipping through the newspaper he just bought from a young street-seller. We've just woken up to hit the road early and now he's reading the paper.

He stops flipping and shows us something. Oh. I feel dumb. He's not just reading. Fernando's picture is in the paper. He's part of an article denouncing the Machismo culture responsible for so much violence against women. "Its about the new masculinity" he says. The occasion of the article: Recently a powerful football manager in Paraguay killed his wife and then fled to Argentina. Few think he will be truly brought to justice.

In another section of the paper are a bunch of machismo cliches about women such as "A woman is like a dog or soldier, you have to beat her to make her love you.". Clearly there is a long way to go, but D&P partners like Fernando are helping pave the way.

(Tech problems equals no photos for last two posts - am working on it)
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