Monday, July 11, 2011

Paraguay #7: They shall beat their swords into Ploughshares

"This land was an Army Base during the dictatorship," Jose Babadilla tells us. We are visiting a school run by a peasant movement we support. Jose is founded the school: "Centro Nacional de Formacion Integral Campesina (CENFIC) - Juan de Dios Salinas" It is named after his father, a campesino leader killed during the dictatorship. The school teaches both the national curriculum as well as passing on sustainable agriculture practices from one generation to the next. Swords are turned into ploughshares...

More on this amazing place soon!

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Anonymous said...

How fabulous to share this trip with you - even vicariously. This sounds like a true "solidarity trip"..Thanks for making it so living and shared. Hope it continues to be a meeting of partners...we with them and they with us. Tell them Canada D&P is very united with them in determination and this prayer that you love so much, Luke.."give us this day our daily bread"..and "your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven". You travel with all of us. Blessings, Juanita