Sunday, July 17, 2011

Paraguay #13: Twenty Three Mustard Seeds

Drying off at Mass
Barefoot on the streets of Ascuncion

"How Many Seeds So Far?" I wondered in prayer after receiving communion today.  We braved the pouring rain to go to mass at the Cathedral today, having returned to Asuncion last night.  The Gospel included Matthew's parable of the Mustard Seed, and so even though it is late I am obligated to write - it being the name of the blog and all :)  I found myself reflecting that each visit we've had with different people and communities this trip has been like a mustard seed, little glimpes into the movement of the Spirit, building God's Kingdom here on earth. "How many Seeds So Far?"  I thought I would be able to blog about each of these visits, each day as they happened.  But, just like the Mustard Seed that spreads like wildfire, our experiences have been so many and so full that I cannot keep up. I've decided tonight I would post them in number instead. "How Many Seeds So Far?"

1. Santurnino and the Co-operative Community Store in the Asientamento Limoy
2. Matilde and her Farm in the Asientamento Limoy
3. Don Pablo and the landless families in the Asientamento Santiago Martinez
4. Don Pablo and The Stevia Leaf Co-op in the Asientamento Limoy
5. Jose Babidilla and the Cenfic Agriculutral School in O'Leary
6. Santiago and the Community Radio Ko'e Poty 93.1 in San Isidro
7. Elvio Trinidad Defending the landless in San Isidro
8. Juan Alberto Gonzales and the IALA Guarani University in Santa Catalina
9. Blas Flores and the Daycare in Santa Catalina
10. Victoria Maylyn and the Martyr Mariano Jara in Santa Catalina
11. The Mujeres Co-operadoras and their New Cooking Stoves in San Miguel
12.  Clara Luz Benitez and Brick ovens and chickens in Margerheta
13. Alfonso and the Water, Fountain of Life project in Independencia
14. Delfina and the needlework of a Campesina woman in Independencia
15. Severina Sosa and the Artesinal Collective in Carapegua
16. Derlis and the Community Development Training, in San Roque Gonzales
17. Ramon and the Producers cooperative in San Roque Gonzales
18. SEPA Staff and the SEPA Office in San Roque Gonzales
19. Emilia Ramierez and the Comite de productores in Caacupu
20. Bishop Medina and The Church in Paraguay discussion in San Juan Batista
21. The Cultural heritage of the Jesuit Reductionnes in San Ignacio, Santa Maria and Santa Rosa
22. Seraphim Gonzales and the APROM asociacion of farmers in Santa Maria
23. Theodora Martinez and the Asociacion de Feriantes in Santa Rosa 

Twenty Three Seeds in seven days - shared with us by three of our five partners here in Paraguay. The rest of the visit until we leave early friday morning will be spent with the remaining two. In time, you will hear about all of these MUSTARD SEEDS and how the kingdom is taking root here in Paraguay as the beautiful people we have met take control of their own development. Oh yeah, and Congrats Paraguay on making it to the quarter finals of the Copa America today! We had fun celebrating with you!!!


Joan O'Connell said...

And you all will come home with seeds in your pockets and these will sprout new growth here in Canada.

Joan O'Connell said...

Luke, what an incredible schedule. I am amazed at how much you accomplished on your trip. It will be wonderful to hear about your experences. The blog has been a wonderful way to keep this experience in front of all of us.